What is an Architectural Interior Designer?

There are some blurred lines and confusion with the ability of an architectural designer that specialises in the interior structure and science of a building and an interior decorator that does not necessarily have the formal degree training to design and manage the full project from concept and approvals to completion.

An Architectural Interior designer will work with the existing building to make the best use of the space prior to thinking of the finishing touches and styling. We explore all the options for the space and ensure that we have the best solution possible which regularly includes removing structural walls, converting unused spaces such as a garage or loft and also adding extensions to the property to maximise the potential.

We always work with structural engineers that will design all structural elements / changes to the building and provide the necessary SER structural certification and insurance. We ensure the style and science of the building go hand in had with creativity meeting strategy to execute the project perfectly.

What is an Interior Decorator?

What Can Belle Unique Do For you?

Interior decorators are concerned with the aesthetic of a building i.e colour schemes, furniture, art work and finishing touches. They are involved with the art of a building and not the science. Many decorators do not have the formal degree training that covers the structural design of the building and are not required to have the knowledge of building regulations for making changes to the structure.

Decorators are not generally involved form the start of a project and will not have the skill or technical knowledge however they must be artistic and have a eye for interior design styles and trends.

At Belle Unique we can provide a turnkey solution for your property. From concept to completion:

  • Creative Concept Design

  • Architectural Drawings for Permissions

  • Detailed design package for construction.

  • Bespoke furniture, kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms.

  • 3d Visuals and VR Experience of the space.

  • Tender process to find the right contractors for your project.

  • Project management of the full build process.

  • Procurement of all FF&E (Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment)

  • Installation of the interior products and finishing touches.

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